We’re losing daylight

How much time do any of us have left in this life? When is it finally time to do what you know you are supposed to do? How long are we going to make God wait before we start working with Him on the plan He prepared for us?

I should have…

This is a phrase that many of us admit to having said. We look back and realize that we have missed great opportunities. Yet it is simple to avoid regrets, all we need is a little planning.

Let Jesus be the Savior

Wanting to help others is great! Jesus asked us to be servants of one another. But there is still a limit: you have to be careful not to become the savior! This is the responsibility of Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit.

The cry of Jesus' heart

We know it well, it is one of the greatest sorrows of our time. We live in the communication era, but no one really talks to each other. We hope someone will listen to us, but do we listen to the voice of the Lord?