Friends of Passion374

Serving Christian singles is a joy and honor for us. We have been blessed to receive encouragement and amazing support from a lot of churches and ministries. We would like to take the time to present you the “Friends of Passion374”, who, like us, have a heart for Christian singles.

First of all, of course, is Good News Chapel. This church in Montreal hosted our English conference of November 2016 and a Youth conference in February 2017. Pastor Steve Gesualdi and his wife Jessica are also the pastors of Tobias and Caroline Mook.

We would also like to thank the Ministry Cplus, of the church Nouvelle-Vie. Pastor Jacques Loignon and his wife Helène have been a great source of encouragement from the beginning of Passion374. They were present at our first conference, in September 2015.

Thank you to the church Sans Frontières, campus Nord, and it’s pastor Sylvain Chevalier, for having host our second annual conference in September 2016.

Thank you to the church Action Souffle de Vie, in Sherbrooke, and it’s pastor Michel Chaput, for hosting our conference in December 2016.

Thank you to M.I.N.G church for its amazing welcome for our conference in May 2017. It’s pastor Michel Lemay, has also been a great source of encouragement since the beginning of Passion374. (Since that conference was talking about emotional healing, a touchy subject, we didn’t film it.)

A huge thank you to the Baptist Evangelical church of Ottawa (EGEBO) that welcomed us with excellence for our conference in May 2017; offering us an amazing technical team and anointed worshipers. Thanks!

Thank you to the ministry Enseigne-Moi that republishes our articles to edify thousands of more Christian singles.

Thank you to the CLC bookstores that believed in us and are now selling our first book “Finding the one that clicks”. Big thanks to Audrey-Anne Houle, of Houra Design, that did the cover of our book.

Thank you to the Radio Gospel and the host Elsie Miclisse that received us at her show “Oasis”.

Thank you to Leslie Passerino, of the ministry Strong and Mighty, for her partnership on the Women conference of June 2017.