Welcome to the Greater Montreal group, which also includes Laval and Longueuil and the other neighboring cities. Our very kind and dedicated administrators Sonia, Carole, and Joanne work hard to prepare fun activities for you. But if you want to give them ideas, or even offer them a little helping hand, don’t hesitate to contact them at:

Email: montreal@passion374.com

Events happening soon in

A mug and a Bible - season 8

  •  Passion374 Online    March 3, 2024

L’Homme du Proverbes 31

  •  Passion374 Montreal    March 9, 2024

De la mort à la vie

  •  Passion347 General    March 29, 2024

Les détails de notre voyage en Alberta

  •  Passion374 General    July 21, 2024