Series 1 Session 1 marriage is not a goal

Then here are some questions to discuss: A goal is something you can do for yourself. Marriage cannot, therefore, be a goal, because it takes 2 people to get married! But what goals can you give yourself to be more ready to get married? Do you have other personal or professional goals that you could share with us? Do you have a spiritual goal or plan? Something you have in heart to do to make the Kingdom of God grow?

Quick! I’m not getting any younger!

My husband and I often hear this type of comment when we’re talking with Singles, especially when there is a desire for procreation. Our time might be counting down regarding this, but we also keep track of time in a far more important area. At Passion374, we do not believe that your partner will appear miraculously in your life. You have a small part to do. You need, at very least, to show others that you want to get married.