Looking back on 2017

2018 is at our door, with all its plans and promises. But before entering this New Year, let’s take the time to celebrate our blessings and successes in 2017.

The Passion374 team has been very active in 2017. We presented 23 events: workshops, conferences, and various activities; in Montreal, Drummondville, Ottawa and even Calgary. We also met a dozen singles in private coaching sessions and published our book “Finding the one that clicks!”

Last September, at our third annual conference, we announced our plan for 2018. We would like to help Christians Singles develop their communion with God on a daily basis. That’s why we launched the “Journal“. With this program, you will be encouraged to set monthly goals, put into practice the teachings you hear, and study the Word of God every day. On Tuesdays, join us on Facebook to share what touches you in the verse of the week. Together, we believe that we can improve our personal devotional times, and thus be more aware of what God wants to offer us.

We also wrote our 150th article on our blog this year, in addition to making agreements with the French websites Enseigne-Moi, Adore Dieu and Fréquence Chrétienne, which brings us to nearly 1.5 million regular readers.

Here are the five most popular posts in 2017:

Is marriage… a distraction?
Many singles look at marriage as a goal or a need. They do not feel complete, they live their life waiting to meet their sweetheart. However, according to the Apostle Paul, marriage is far from being a priority!

Vision or imagination?
“God showed me in vision that you will be my wife!” Really? Can God really tell us who to marry through a vision or a dream? It sounds very spiritual, but it is important to use our discernment.

The real danger of dating websites
The fears are real: women are afraid of falling for a serial killer, and the men don’t want to meet a girl who doesn’t look like her profile picture. However, the real danger of dating sites is unique and much sneakier!

Does God want me to remain unmarried?
The vast majority of single people have asked this question once in their lifetime. Some refused to ask it because they feared the answer. Let’s see what the Bible says about it.

Moving in together before marriage?
Nowadays, it is not uncommon for unbelievers to move in together before getting married. But what about Christians? Should God’s children refrain from cohabiting before being married?

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